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I'm 50 years old. I'm not rich. Live in a small, 2-bedroom condo. Drive a 2001 SUV. Only average looking in appearance. And yet...

At 8:45 P.M. on December 12, 2007, I got out of a stretch limo and walked into the lobby of the Ritz-Carlton Hotel, arm-in-arm with one of the most beautiful women to ever click a pair of heels across that long stretch of polished marble.

She was not a model, or a movie star. She was a stripper, and she was more than thrilled to be there - and better yet - she was thrilled to be there with me.

Dating a stripper can be done, I promise you. And NOT by spending a ton of money or "renting" her for the evening - if you know what I mean. I'm talking about real dates and wherever that naturally leads. And it can lead to some pretty interesting evenings!

"The glamorous evening event mentioned above was a Christmas party, and it was amazing. She was stunning. Perfect hair and makeup, great dress and shoes we had shopped for earlier in the day. She was easily the most attractive women in the room. And she worked the room like only a stripper can. Flirted with my boss, and his boss, and HIS boss, all the while somehow making it clear she was with me and happy about it.

I had the time of my life!"

You CAN Date a Stripper or Topless Dancer

I met and dated my first stripper at the age of 46. So that should give you hope. And now at the age of 50 I am still going strong with my current dancer girlfriend. Over the last five years I've dated and had relationships with five strippers. And by relationship I mean we dated for months or years. And I could have dated and had sex with many more if I had been willing to date more than one woman at a time.

All this and I'm a pretty average guy. Tall, and in good shape, but by no means a stud. I have a decent condo and drive an OK vehicle. No Porsche, no Ferrari, no mansion in the hills. I make a decent living but not anywhere close to rich. I'm just a guy, so I know it can be done. If I can do it, you can do it.

My First Stripper

I met Amber, my first stripper girlfriend, online while I was working in Europe. I was homesick and posted an ad on a dating website. She was from my hometown and we started writing back and forth. It was a few weeks before she confessed to being a stripper and sent me a few interesting pictures. She was worried that I would think badly of her. I didn't make a big deal out of it, what did I care, I was 1500 miles away! She was interesting, smart and told the best dirty jokes so we kept writing and never talked about her job in correspondence after that.

Well, eventually I came back home and we decided to meet. I sort of figured that this would be the end of it, but she actually liked me and we ended up dating for over a year. All good things come to an end, and so did my relationship with Amber. During the time we dated I rarely went into the club where she worked. But, after we broke up and she moved to another city, I started to frequent that club more often. I knew one or two people there, it was something to do, and it was a good way to avoid having to get back into the dating scene.

Enough with Dating

The club became my regular Friday night hangout, and after a few months I became one of the gang. Even though I rarely spent money on dances, a young girl named Julie attached herself to me. First we started having breakfast after work, then saw a movie, and eventually started dating. She was a blast! Not the best looking girl in the club, but not the worst, lots of fun, easy to please, very grateful for the attention, great in the sack, and only 26. After about six months, our relationship ran its course and we parted as friends. But, since she still worked at the the club, I had to find a new place to hang out.

I began to live the life I had only dreamed of...

So I picked another topless club, much closer to where I live, and started hanging out there. After a while a 29 year-old blonde named Misha claimed me as hers and one thing led to another. About this time a close male friend of mine from Seattle came into town for a two-week visit. We spent some time at the club and he wrote me later that he had the time of his life and wanted to know how I did it. To tell the truth, I really had not given it much thought. I didn't really start out with the intent to date a dancer, it just sort of happened. But by now it had happened three times. So over the next month or two I thought about it, talked with my girlfriend about how we got together, and began to email hints and ideas to my friend.

“Last year my good friend Wills and I exchanged our “100 Things to Do Before I Die” lists. On my list, item #67 is “Date a stripper.” When Wills confessed to have dated a series of strippers and topless dancers, I wanted to know how the hell he was doing it. It actually took him a while to figure it out, but once I started doing the things he had been doing, I got dates too - I’m still amazed!”

RLB - Seattle


Other friends started asking me the same thing and I sent them the emails too. So with some input from them, other girls, and a few online friends, the whole thing grew into a book. Again, I didn't start out to write a book about dating topless dancers. But when I saw this method work over and over again and kept getting questions about it, I thought... why not!

So here you go... this is what I did, this is what my friends did, and somehow we stumbled through it and made it work. We are a pretty normal bunch, not rocket scientists (well OK, one guy did work for NASA a bit) and certainly not "playas." If we can do it, so can you.

Get ready for a wild ride!

How to Date a Stripper

So, you want to date a stripper? Don't feel like some kind of pervert, almost every guy I know has either dated one, or fantasized about dating one. If for no other reason that to cross it off the, "things I must do before I die," list. Besides, what's not to like?

  • Strippers and topless dancers are easy to meet, all you have to do is say hello and extend your hand. A stripper in a club will never reject you.
  • Strippers are open about sex.
  • Strippers have great bodies.
  • Strippers are not shy.

So who can blame you? I'm right there with you This is all based on my experiences dating strippers and topless dancers that I have met in the club and dated by following the simple techniques that anyone can learn.

And if you happen to be curious, yes, over the last few years I have read the books out there about dating dancers and in most places I completely, 100%, disagree with the advice given. Do what those books say and you will never see a girl outside the club and they will look at you as just another loser customer.

You Should Hear What They Say About Customers

I've been around them for long enough now to hear how they talk about their customers, and it's not nice. It's not always mean, but in the last five years of being around strippers I was dating, and their dancer friends, I have never heard any of them say anything even remotely close to, "Wow, that customer I had last night was such a great guy, I wish he would ask me out." Not even close. The killer word there is "customer." As long as the girls see you as just another loser customer, you will never get anywhere. I don't care how many drinks you buy, or if you send flowers to the club, or spend thousands in the VIP room. You will still be a customer. You are a valued source of income. If you try and see her outside the club, she will politely say no. If you push it, she will probably get a restraining order. Trust me, she knows how. She's had to do it before.

"Aw baby, that's sweet, but I don' go out with customers. I could lose my job." Go ahead and ask her out and you will hear something like that. Maybe even word-for-word. They learn it quickly and spit it out without really even considering your offer. And the more you spend, the more impossible it becomes for her to see you. She hates feeling obligated, cheap, and trashy. Bought and paid for.

Here's the Secret to Dating Success with Strippers

The trick is not to be a customer, but to be an insider. While they will never say, "I hope that customer comes back in and asks me out," I have often watched them make subtle mental shift and say, "Wow, I hope that friend of Tina's (the bartender) comes back this week. Maybe we can go out to breakfast." That's what I taught my friends to do and can teach you to do as well. Unless you are very rich or very good-looking, it's the only way.

If you think you ARE that good looking, give it a test. Go to a club and pick out a girl. Talk to her, laugh, charm her, buy her a drink, and one dance. Then leave. If she lets you leave without her phone number it's a bad sign. If you go back a second time without her either giving you her number, or taking you back to the VIP area for free, then you are not good-looking enough. Not many men are.

This does not mean that you are not good looking enough for her to go out with, just that you are not good looking enough to get her on sheer looks alone. If she gets to know, trust, and like you, then maybe, but only if you are in on the joke as an insider.

Don't Take My Word for it - Hear it Straight from Her

You have to get to be seen as an insider; someone who is in on the scam, a friend of the club. And you don't have to take my word for it. There is a stripper name Tara that has an ongoing diary on Yahoo.

This is her take on how to date a stripper:

Saturday, April 21, 2001
How to date a stripper

Tara's law: The guy a girl sees most frequently is most likely to date her.

I watch the young strippers flirt with the bouncers, DJ's and managers and realize that these men are the only ones they see regularly. Of course they're all dating strippers.

I've observed this phenomenon before. Women don't go out and look for men, especially beautiful women. They wait for men to come to them. However in the case of strippers, they are flooded with men, most of whom they never see again. The only ones they see consistently are the employees of the clubs and perhaps the sales people at the places they shop for costumes.

If you want to date a stripper, work at a club or better yet, own one.

I'm going to show you how to become an insider like the ones she describes without having to actually work at a club. Now if you are so inclined and want to work at a strip club, well knock yourself out. You won't need the rest of this article. But jobs for guys are limited at a club. Sure they need bouncers, but that's probably not you. Most don't use male bartenders, so that usually leaves only bar backs, parking lot guys, cooks, and dishwashers. Nah, doesn't sound like fun to me either.

10 Reasons a Stripper WILL Want to Date You

Believe it or not, if you present yourself in the right way, there's a good chance that you will get a dancer to go out with you. Here's why:

  1. No matter what she says, every dancer eventually (or even regularly) goes out with someone she met at the club.
  2. As an insider, it is easy for her to trust you and to feel comfortable seeing you outside the club.
  3. You already know all about her "secret life" and are OK with it. This is huge.
  4. She has seen you often enough in a bar full of women to know how you treat other people and to know you are not a drunk or an ass.
  5. The bartenders and bouncers like you so you must be OK.
  6. You are clean, well groomed, well dressed, and obviously have your act together.
  7. She has seen you with the other girls and has seen you be fun and friendly without coming on to them. She can trust you around her other hot stripper friends.
  8. It's not all about sex with you, but you obviously like sex.
  9. You are not like all the other losers that try and date her. You have a life. You have a future.
  10. And - no matter how tough she appears - she still is just a girl looking for a boy, she still believes in the dream of romance and Mr. Right who will come along and make her life easier.

Why Strippers Date the Men they Do

It all comes down to a very simple statement and idea - You have to become the kind of man she wants to go out with. It's that simple. She is used to getting her way, and has a nice fantasy in her head about the kind of man she wants to date. You just have to become some version of that guy. She has a long list of things she knows she wants, but she also has an unconscious list of things she wants that she is not even aware of and could probably not verbalize. It's the only way to explain the difference between what she says she wants and what she actually winds up with.

I've known quite a few strippers and very, very few actually date the kind of guy the say they are looking for. So why do they go out with these guys who are obviously Mr. Not-Even-Close-To-Right?

I've had this exact conversation with a very close dancer friend. She has a great list things she wants in a guy: handsome, smart, businessman, funny, treats her well, etc. But when she gave me that list, she was actively dating a sales rep from a liquor company who had the club as an account. He was none of the things on the list. Well, he was sort of good looking, or at least had been about 10 years ago. But he was around a couple of times a week and knew everyone at the club. Over a period of time they became friends and one thing eventually led to another. See, the most important thing was that he was an insider. He understood her business, knew what he was getting into, and was probably not going to give her a hard time about it. So because he was an insider, the rest of the list went out the window.

The Conversation She Wants to Avoid at All Costs

For most girls at the club, the worst part of dating is telling the new boyfriend that she strips. She hates how that makes her feel. She has had this conversation before and she knows how it goes - badly. So when a decent guy comes along that already knows she strips and doesn't seem to care, then he scores a lot of subconscious points. She knows at least she won't have to have that conversation. This gives you a huge, unfair advantage!

Becoming an Insider

First, let me make this clear. You can do this. It's not as hard as it sounds but it's not going to happen over night. You may currently feel pretty intimidated by the atmosphere and girls at a club, but if with some planning, in a little bit of time, you won't even notice the naked women. Well that might be an exaggeration, but it certainly will be no big deal.

So, how do you become an insider? It's a matter of:

  • Knowing how the business works
  • Knowing the right people
  • Knowing how to act

Just think about your own business. Whatever you do for a living, you are an insider in that world. You know what is going on with the business, how it works, what the issues are, and how to speak the lingo. You could have a conversation with another insider and an outsider would probably miss half of it because they would have no context for the new words, phrases, or names. It's the same for a strip club. Yes, no two clubs are exactly the same just as no two banks or shipping companies are the same. But they do have a lot in common, and the differences are what makes for interesting conversation when two insiders meet.

That's the secret! Be an Insider.

I can show you how to be an insider just like I did for my friends. We emailed back and forth for so long that when I looked back, it was all written down. I spent a few days putting it together then ran it past a few girls I know. They hated the first draft. So I re-wrote and re-wrote till I found a happy medium between what I like and what they liked. It's as close to being objective as I can possibly make it. It's actually painful for some of the girls to read because they see themselves a little too clearly! But not one of them said it would not work. They had seen it, a lived it, many times.

Let's Be Clear

I'm not in any way advocating scamming these girls!Please don’t confuse this book with some of the other stuff that’s out there. My ebook is new material, just published. This advice will get you dates with strippers without using false, manipulative, and let’s face it, bullshit tactics that are the subject of the other books.

  • No scams or gimmicks like handwriting analysis, magic tricks, or palm reading.
  • I'm not talking about Hypnosis. What a crock.
  • I'm not talking about NLP (Nero-Linguistic Programming). "What's it like when you ... become incredibly turned on?" Come on, who can say that stuff with a straight face.
  • No cons or pretending to be a photographer, costume salesman, or movie producer.

Just an easy-to-follow, straightforward process that let's you be yourself. It puts you in a position and mind set to be trusted and viewed as "high-status dating material" by these girls. Once this happens, they will pursue you.

Here's What You Will Learn

  • First, I'll give you a few easy things to do to get a strong ally in the club. To get inside, you have to be friends with someone already on the inside. I'll tell you who to talk to and exactly how to make friends with them. (page 30)

  • I will tell you of how strip clubs work. The real inside scoop. This will allow you to talk about, and ask questions about, things that clearly show that you are not an easy mark, you know how the game is played.(page 24)

  • I'll tell you exactly what to do when you enter the club and where to sit so you will be with the other insiders. You really don't want to be with the "regulars." (page 26)

  • You will have to get your act together before even going into a club. I'll tell you what to do. (page 41)

  • All clubs are not created equal. I'll show you how to pick a club that will have the most receptive girls and the most helpful staff, and tell you how to spot the ones to avoid.(page 45)

  • You will get six surprising questions to ask when getting to know a dancer. Good conversation starters that tell her you are an insider. I'll also tell you about the "heavy seven" questions to avoid at all costs or you will look like a dope. (page 56)

  • How do you find out which girls are interested in you? It's easy, I'll show you. (page 59)

  • I'll describe in detail how to spot the one type of girl working in the club that, if approached correctly, will be the easiest to date. And it has nothing to do with amateur night. This type of girl needs to meet someone just like you, and she might be the best looking girl there! (page 61)

  • I'll share with you 3 dynamite ways to get a girl that is interested to actually ask you out.(page 65)

  • Once she is interested, I'll show you how to be her hero and close the deal. I'll give you three ways that are easy, but she rarely sees from other guys. (page 69)

  • On top of all that I'll toss in 3 bonus chapters - right in the ebook. You will also get A) my own insider tips that I learned the hard way, B) quotes from the girls about how they actually DO date club patrons, and C) information pulled straight from dancer training information about how to get more get money out of you. it's actually find of fun when you see the scams coming from a mile away. (page 100)

"How to Date a Stunning Stripper" is the result a lot of thinking and talking to the girls trying to find the common thread among all the different guys that my stripper friends were dating or married to. Rich guys, broke guys, exciting loud types, dull quiet types, some seemed to be average guys like me. What was the common thread?

It came to me one morning about 4 A.M. one morning when I was sitting in the club after closing having a drink and having a conversation with the night manager and one of the floor managers. A thought suddenly occurred to me, "this is a damn odd situation for me to be in." Somehow, I had crossed the invisible line between "customer" and "insider." I was not sure when it had happened, but after thinking about it a while, it all made perfect sense to me. And it will to you too.

This is cool new information that I really want everyone interested in dating a stripper to have. There is nothing else like this out there, I've read them all.

Since I know it's 100% to your benefit to act right away, I want to sweeten the pot and give you every possible reason to say YES today! If you respond immediately and order How to Date a Stunning Stripper, I will make sure that you get five FREE bonus books that I have tracked down and obtained the rights to distribute. I wanted to give away these books in particular because they completely compliment the information in my ebook.

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Am I Being that Obvious?

I'm not a slick marketer, I'm a writer. So my tactics are probably obvious. I want to give you so much great information that saying yes is an easy and obvious decision. I'm doing this because I believe in this information and have seen it succeed.

Be honest with yourself, if you have read this far then you (like me) obviously enjoy strip clubs. Like I said earlier, I'm right there with you. So you are probably going to keep on going to these clubs. Learning to be an insider will change your strip club experience in ways that I cannot even begin to explain. You will have more fun, spend less money, and maybe even wind up at a company Christmas party with the sexiest girl in the room. It can happen. It happened to me.

My 'Love it or Shove it' Guarantee!

Here is my personal guarantee to you; try the ebook, and all five bonus ebooks, RISK FREE for 90 days and if you are not satisfied, for any reason, I'll courteously refund your money and you get to keep the whole lot! (Heck, it may take you 90 days to read it all!)

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After you have finished this material, at the very least - for less than the cost of a table dance - I promise that you'll have a club to call your own , where everyone knows your name, and you can always go for a fun time and not spend much money.



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